Lovely picture of Katie and Alison. 
Beginners Wednesday Accrington Course
One of the most popular topics on the Beginners course is “Shopping for groceries”. Students learnt to name some fruits, vegetables, groceries, meats and fish. They practice with this speaking activity to express their likes and dislikes. There is also a tasting session of some of Spanish meats: chorizo, salchichón, queso y pan accompanied by some red wine or sangria.
The best way to learn a language! ¡Salud!

Clitheroe Improvers Course
Only a few weeks on the Improvers course and look how the students are doing, practicing the language already and building confidence every week. Well done to you all!
If you are interested in this course, come along for a trial session and if you like it, join us.  You will only pay only for the remaining weeks.
This is my Beginners group in Accrington. I have a full class as you can see! We had a great start; everybody joined in on the activities and had some fun too.
Well done to you all!

Clitheroe Improvers Course – Tema de conversación: la casa.

Only a few weeks on the Beginners courses and look how the students are doing, practicing the language already and building confidence every week.
A lovely comment from a student “It is a nice group and there is a lovely atmosphere. Nobody laughs at anybody”. That is my motto “Learn Spanish and have fun”. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s progress!

Improvers Clitheroe December 2018.

Great picture!
The class finished last Tuesday with some food brought by everybody to celebrate the end of the course. Sorry that everybody wasn’t there (we missed you) but we had a good time revising all topics covered in the course. MUCHAS GRACIAS for your lovely comments, I do appreciated them and I am so glad that you have enjoyed it and that you will be back next September. In the meantime have a great summer and KEEP REVISING!

I love hearing the students in the speaking activity, seeing their progress and how they become more and more confident with their speaking skills. They have broken the barrier of embarrassment and shyness, is not about being perfect but about communicating. As well as the grammar the pronunciation gets better and better all the time, the j, rr, ll sounds are mastered. It is so rewarding for me.  WELL DONE and carry on doing that!

Our last week! These photos are  from the Monday class in Clitheroe. We end the course with some lovely food brought by the students: tortilla de patatas, ensaladilla rusa, empanadillas, garbanzos con chorizo even paella and lots more. Muchas gracias a todos for that.
As with all my courses, they have become friends. They help and support each other all the way through creating a pleasant atmosphere to learn and work. Every single student progresses at a different pace but the key is that you are moving forward. I love to see their confidence grow every week. We have a good time but we also work hard and the results are fantastic.                                           WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!

MUCHAS, MUCHAS, MUCHAS GRACIAS DE TODO CORAZÓN for the lovely cards and words – it really means a lot to me to know that you enjoy the lessons and appreciate what I do. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR MIS REGALOS también. I am very lucky with my students, you are lovely people and make my job more enjoyable.
Have a fantastic summer and see you in September.

Improvers Clitheroe May 2017

Intermediate Oswaldtwistle May 2017

Beginners Oswaldtwistle May 2017

Accrington Intermediate May 2017

Accrington Improvers May 2017

What a week of celebrations! Time to relax and have some fun with bingo, games and quizzes.  At this time of the year some Christmas revision and introduction of the Spanish traditions to the Beginners courses: el turrón, los Reyes Magos, las doce uvas, “El Caganer”, etc. Culture is a very important part of learning a language. Also time to celebrate the student’s work and their progression and improvement. So WELL DONE TO YOU!



wp_20161003_003Speaking activity – Summer course.

Christmas celebrations . Clitheroe Improvers Class December 2015.

Clitheroe Improvers December 2015

Look at our winner of the Monday Beginners  group. Well done  Christine!

Chistine 2015 Premio

Christmas party –  Beginners Class Clitheroe  2015.


¿Qué tiempo hace? Hace sol y calor.


Well done to Oswaldtwistle Class. June 2015


Clitheroe class April 2015. Another wonderful group.


Another great evening at El Tapeo in Clitheroe. I think everybody had a good time. Muchas gracias a Lidia y Marcos for looking after us. For many more to come! Hasta la próxima.

DSCN0423 Redone
Hora de hablar.Nigel, Yvonne, Keith 2015 Marzo

Look at our winner of the Tuesday group. Well done Jay!


I feel very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my classes.


Time for the  shopping topic. You look great!

Cuatrocientos cinco. Practicing numbers.
ramsbottom numeros 45

Dieciocho, seis, treinta y cinco …  Time for bingo.

Hora del café!


Time for a video.


Time to practice.HPIM2188


Accrington class July 2014.

“Enjoyable and friendly course, learned a lot from no knowledge of Spanish”  – Michael Booth.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. it was delivered at the right pace and was inclusive of all learners on the course. I feel much more confident now when visiting Spain and being able to communicate. Muchas gracias.” – Christine Thew


End of course party Clitheroe July 2014.

“Very enjoyable and informative introduction to reading and speaking Spanish” – Nick Cronin.

“I have really enjoyed this course, lovely people! I have found learning Spanish challenging but interesting and fun” – Helen Roper.



Foto night out students


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  1. Hola, Monserrat. Do you have classes in Cumbria? Or do you anyone who does them? I live in Cockermouth. Muchas gracias. Fred Moore.

    1. Hola Fred, sorry for the late reply but I was on a CPD training course. Unfortunately I don’t run courses in Cumbria and I don’t know anybody in the area either. Try for courses in your area, I hope you can find one. Good luck. Saludos. Montse.

  2. Hola Montse, I have frequently seen your courses advertised but today decided to look you up online. I am glad that I have done because I am sure you can help me. I have been teaching myself Spanish and although I read it, I don’t speak it but your course looks inviting and friendly. Perhaps my strong Lancashire accent can be conquered.
    I would love to arrange an initial one to one with you as I am interested in Spanish poetry?

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