Improvers Plus Part 2 – 12 Week Daytime Online Course.

This course is aimed at learners who already have a good knowledge of Spanish and wish to expand what they know – a minimum of 250 hours study and want to move to the next level.
During the course we work on the four skills needed to learn a language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. In this course a 30 minutes period  in each lesson is used to practice the spoken language. We use Pasos 1 Course book which includes 3 CDs and a DVD.
Some of the topics covered are: talking about what you did yesterday, on holidays, about your life and other people’s lives. Describing symptoms and saying what hurts. Asking and saying what has happened this week, month. Reporting lost property and describing objects.
Some of the language focus: verbs in the Simple past tense, the Present perfect tense, the Imperfect tense for description (regular and irregular), possessive adjectives.
Repaso y ampliación: tiempo libre, mi ciudad, trabajo, viajes y vacaciones, problemas y quejas en el hotel, fiestas de españa.
 Starts Thursday 17th of September
 10.00 to  12.00
Hora de hablar.


Cost: £120.00 (sorry no concessions). 
If you are interested in one of my courses, come along for a trial session and if you like it, join us. You will only pay only for the remaining weeks.
For more information or to book a place contact me