Improvers 12 Week Online Course – Daytime.

This course is aimed at learners who have some knowledge of Spanish – a minimum of 60 hours study and want to move to the next level. It is a revision, consolidation and progression of the topics covered on the Beginners Course as well as new topics: describing houses, rooms, furniture, describing people and their character and clothes to mention a few. At the end of the 30 week course students have a knowledge of the present tense of regular and irregular verbs. I use a mix of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
15 Week Improvers Course Part 1 (September to January).
The topics covered in the first part are: meeting people, jobs, nationalities, family, pronunciation, food and drink, ordering in a restaurant, saying where you live, asking and saying where places are, asking for and giving directions, booking into a hotel, numbers up to a 1000.
Language focus: verbs in the present tense (regular e irregular), masculine and feminine form of nouns, definite articles, plural forms, indefinite articles, negatives, prepositions and expressions of place, adjectives, contrast between ser and estar.
15 Week  Improvers Course Part 2 (January to May).
The topics covered in the second part are: talking about what you do and the working day, the time, daily routine, describing a person’s character, shopping, describing and buying clothes, asking and saying what time things open/closed/begin/end and lesson 7 consists of  revision of lessons 1 to 6.
Language focus: verbs in the present tense (regular, irregular and reflexive – singular and plural), adverbs, adjectives, numbers over a 1000, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.



Cost: £120.00 (sorry no concessions).
If you are interested in one of my courses, come along for a trial session and if you like it, join us. You will only pay only for the remaining weeks.
Some of the activities that we do:

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