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Hello world!

This activity took us to one of the lovely beaches in Valencia. We needed to resolve the answer to the exercise to open the treasure chest. I am sure you will like to try this activity!

Hola a todos, I am going to share with you some of the pictures of my “Encuentro ProfeDeELE” on my recent trip to Valencia. This event is aimed at Spanish teachers in Spain and abroad. Spanish teachers in schools, colleges, private tuition, online tuition, the variety was extensive all with the aim to share and improve our knowledge. 

What a fantastic day I had yesterday!
Once again, I went to the “XI Jornadas Didácticas de ELE” organised by the Instituto Cervantes de Mánchester in which Spanish teachers to children and adults, new and experience, get together to share and learn things from one to another.
The day started with a motivating presentation on how to teach the Spanish language with good recommendations and ideas.
Then a choice of workshops to pick from, all of them sounding very interesting. I felt that the speakers were all very enthusiastic about how to teach the Spanish language from the grammar side to more fun ways. There is no right or wrong way to do it, everything is good if it works.


The last speaker of the day was absolutely great “The icing on the cake”. His presentation was on Spanish pronunciation, saying that he had a strong Andalusian accent which I thought it was quite funny. He shared his teaching experiences with us, he made us aware on how important this pronunciation skill is and that we should try to spend more time on it from the very first lesson. I think I do that in mine but from now on I am going to do a bit more as I agree with him on how significant it is.
I really enjoyed the day and felt that I picked up their enthusiasm too. The time flowed because we wanted more time in each workshop as they were so informative, useful and interesting. The overall message is that you have to try different things – they won’t always be right but that is part of the process. So that is what I am going to do keep trying my best hoping that you enjoy the experience of learning the Spanish language, culture and traditions.
It was definitely a worthwhile event to attend.

Have a look at my Facebook page “Spanish Fun Courses” where you will find many interesting things related to Spain from videos to recipes and songs to events, all with the aim of helping you to learn Spanish, have a look and you might discover something new. I hope you enjoy!

COURSES 2018/2019 
The dates for my Open Events and new courses for 2018/2019 are on display now. Publicity is ready and will be soon in a few magazines, on the Internet on various pages as well as on my Facebook Page “Spanish Fun Courses”. The Beginners Courses are very popular and fill up quickly. This year a NEW Conversation class will take place on a Thursday evening in Accrington – I have been asked many times for this class so I am expecting it to be very popular too. You could chose from: Beginners, Improvers, Improvers Plus, Intermediate 1/2 courses and a Conversation class.  I hope you find something that will suit you.
So if you are interested in any of my courses you could book your place by enrolling now.
It is going to be another great year!

This is why I am so proud and love my name.
The Montserrat Mountain is the most important and significant in Catalonia, with a height of 1.236 meters above sea level (the highest peak). It is located 50 km from the center of Barcelona, between the regions of Anoia, Baix Llobregat and Bages. Without a doubt, it is one of the indisputable symbols of the natural wealth of the Catalan geography.
Located in this famous mountain, we find the monastery of Santa María de Montserrat. This Benedictine monastery is visited by thousands of people every day, who come to make their prayers to the Virgin of Montserrat, nicknamed “La Moreneta” because of its dark skin color. Legend has it that the Virgin has this color due to the smoke of the large number of candles that for centuries were lit before her image.
Montserrat mountain is a great visit, since it combines nature, history and exercise. Is one of the most beautiful natural areas in Catalonia, and you can feel the tranquility and solemnity of the monastery. Once you have visited it, there are several routes you can take to explore the surroundings and find the different chapels hidden in the mountains.

Another lovely comment from a student who has finished the Improvers Course at Clitheroe: 
“Thanks for the input to improve my dodgy Spanish. Your resources and varied approach make the sessions enjoyable and the overlearning opportunities really are good. Thanks again Linda”.
Improvers Course Clitheroe.
They help and support each other all the way through creating a pleasant atmosphere to learn and work as well as they have become friends. Every single student progresses at a different pace but the key is that you are moving forward. I love to see their confidence grow every week. We have a good time but we also work hard and the results are fantastic.

MUCHAS, MUCHAS, MUCHAS GRACIAS DE TODO CORAZÓN for the gifts, lovely cards and words – it really means a lot to me to know that you enjoy the lessons and appreciate what I do. Your words motivate me to keep trying my best. They encourage me to research, to create and to think about how I can improve my teaching.
I am very lucky to have you as my students, you are lovely people and make my job much more enjoyable.
“Gracias por su paciencia y aliento.
Nos vemos en septiembre”.
“Really enjoyed and looking forward to classes starting September 😀😀 Nos vemos en septiembre! Muchas gracias”.
“Thanks again Montse for all your hard work on our behalf. Have a really good summer break with your family and see you in September”.

Last Friday I went to a workshop at Instituto Cervantes in Manchester to get new ideas and resources for my Spanish courses. It was interesting and useful. Now I just need to put them into practce.


On April 27 is celebrated the day of the patroness saint of Catalonia: The Mother of God, Lady of Montserrat.
The celebration is held all over Catalonia, but specially in Montserrat, located at 60km from Barcelona.
Up on the Monastery of Montserrat this day there are many special acts and popular events taking place.
Sardana traditional catalan dance and the Human Towers named Castells are the classical ones.
There are also many acts and celebrations in the city of Barcelona, where public events and popular celebrations are taking place, in the most important places of the city: the City Hall in Plaça de Sant Jaume, Cathedral Square, Plaça de Catalunya.
Although the main stage of this festival is the sanctuary and monastery dedicated to the Virgin of Montserrat, the mountain of the same name.


Successful week back!
We are on the last term of the courses. However, I have seen your continuous progress, your determination to learn and improve all the time. I know sometimes it has not been easy but it will definitely be worth the effort. I wish I had recorded you all when you started so that I could show you where you are now how far have you all gone.
Not many weeks to go, so let’s go for it!


Some reasons why you should learn Spanish.

Improvers Plus Course in Accrington – ¡Buen trabajo!
About an hour from Cádiz, the old town sits at the highest point of the cliffs, with streets of white-washed homes cascading down the ridge line. We parked at the foot of the old town and walked up the hill to the old town. The narrow streets and the beautiful views from different places – despite the cloudy weather – made this town a truly amazing place.


Another outing took us to the town of Vejer, southeast of Cádiz around 40 minutes by car. Vejer is a Moorish looking hilltop town (190 metres above sea level) a place of white-washed houses, narrow winding streets, excellent food and wine and the unspoilt beaches of the Costa de la Luz are only a 10-15 minute drive away.
Vejer is a picturesque town still retaining much of the wall around the old part of town which blends in well with the newer part. Many of the streets are too narrow for cars and as you walk around if you look through an open doorway you are likely to see beautiful inner patios with lots of flowers and plants.


The main square is Plaza de España, pictured below with its beautiful fountain. It was really nice to wander the streets as there were not many tourists around, sometimes it was only us. The beautiful weather was perfect to see the spectacular views. Definitely recommended if you are travelling around this part of Spain.

Get ready to learn some Spanish!
There are new 15 Week Courses starting in January (I work along with the school holidays). The pace of the lessons is very relaxed. We work with reading, writing and listening skills and always encourage students with their speaking abilities. It is lovely to see how students help and support each other. The courses are a great way to make new friends too. If you are not sure about your level come along for a trial session and find out. You can also change to other course that suits your level better. You can join at any time on a course and you will pay only for the remaining weeks.
I am looking forward to sharing your company and helping you to learn Spanish.
¡Hasta pronto!


Of course a visit to Spain wouldn’t be complete without trying some tapas and Cádiz was full of bar and restaurants. Here are some of the tapas which I managed to try, from traditional tapas to more much more modern dishes. However, all of them were delicious and it is difficult to choose a favourite.


On my recent trip to Cádiz, I took the opportunity to take pictures and videos of the city and the atmosphere over the Christmas period as well as images of the Reyes Magos themselves. I hope you enjoy them!

Los Reyes Magos arrived a day early in some places due to weather concerns and fears that the rain may spoil the Cabalgata meaning I had the chance to see it in multiple different places. Luckily the weather did hold and we had dry parades.

The Cabalgata is a massively popular procession which happens in the streets of every town and features some very impressive floats, whilst the parade will always include Los Reyes Magos there are many other characters who put a smile on the faces of the young children. As well as the smiles and waves from the people on the floats there are also vast quantities of sweets being thrown out. The number of people on the streets to see Los Reyes Magos is incredible. All keen to pick up as many sweets as possible.

Hola a todos,
It was lovely seeing you all this week. We revised and warmed up the mind to learn Spanish once again all whilst having fun. I have really enjoyed myself and as always I am going to do my best to make the lessons interesting, exciting but also challenging enough so that you keep getting better every week. Working together is the best way to achieve that, we are a good team and the only way is forward. I learn a lot because of you.

Buenos días a todos, hoy martes nueve de enero.
Some reasons why you should learn Spanish.


Here is the timetable for the courses starting in January – Beginners to Intermediate level – in Accrington and Clitheroe. The length of the courses are 15 weeks (£120 – sorry no concessions).
I use a mix of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I work along with the school holidays. If you are not sure about your level come along for a trial session and find out. You can also change to other course that suits your level better.
You can join at any time on a course and you will pay only for the remaining weeks.
I am looking forward to sharing your company and helping you to learn Spanish.

Clitheroe 2018 Beginners and Improvers Courses.

What a fantastic week of celebrations to end the term! Thank you very much to you all for the lovely food you brought and I have thoroughly enjoyed your company, you are a lovely group of people! We took lots of nice pictures as you can see below.


Time to relax and have some fun with bingo, games and quizzes. At this time of the year some Christmas revision and introduction of the Spanish traditions to the Beginners courses: el turrón, los Reyes Magos, las doce uvas, “El Caganer”, etc. Culture is a very important part of learning a language. Also time to celebrate the student’s work and their progression and improvement. So WELL DONE TO YOU!



The history behind el Día de los Santos Inocentes is religious and based on the Bible story of when King Herod heard the news that a new King of Israel was born (Jesus), he immediately ordered the massacre of all boys under the age of two in Bethlehem and its vicinity. The name given to this day, Día de los Santos Inocentes or “Day of the Holy Innocents”, fits perfectly well due to the many innocent souls that were lost that night.
The celebration is festive and fun, with people playing jokes and pranks on each other as much as possible… basically, just being kids! The most traditional joke is to put a puppet or ragdoll on people’s backs. Another tradition is a television program in which celebrities from film and television are made the butt of jokes, with the purpose of raising money for a good cause. The Día de los Santos Inocentes is therefore Spain’s equivalent of April Fool’s Day, as ‘inocentadas’ in Spanish also means ‘prank’ as well as ‘innocent’. 


Dulces de Navidad

Christmas nativity displays are amazing to see. They are in shop windows, town halls, on the streets as well as in the homes of the people. Even if you are not a religious person they are definitely worth looking at purely because of the effort put into them. Here are some examples. Look how many figures you can buy for a nativity!

December has arrived!
This month I am going to be posting about some Spanish Christmas traditions so that you get to know how Spaniards celebrate this time of year a little bit better. If you go to Spain in the new few days, buy a ticket and you might get a pleasant surprise.
Good luck!

One of the most popular topics is “Shopping”. Students learnt to name some fruits, vegetables, groceries, meats and fish. They practice with this speaking activity to express their likes and dislikes. There is also a tasting session of some of Spanish meats: chorizo, salchichón, queso y pan accompanied by some red wine or sangria. The best way to learn a language!
This is my Beginners class in Clitheroe. They have recently learnt the job topic; starting with the vocabulary: carpintero, camarero, electricista, hospital, restaurante, colegio, etc. Then they did some written exercises and later put everything into practice by asking each other ¿En qué trabajas? Soy… and ¿Dónde trabajas? Trabajo en ….
Here they are in action, practicing everything that they have learnt. Well done to all of you.

All courses  practicing their speaking skills. I do lots of speaking activities to encourage students to build their confidence. From the Improvers course level up, there is a minimum of 20 minutes every week in class towards improving that skill.

Mis estudiantes practican mucho español.

Hola a todos, we may be three weeks into the courses but it is not too late to join. They are full of wonderful students keen to learn Spanish from every walk of life. 


¡Hola! Just so you know me a bit better I want to show you my little corner where I do all my work, it is surrounded by books and files to prepare my lessons. My computer to prepare my presentations, research the internet and send my emails. My printer for the photocopies and shelves with some of the resources that we use in class. Nice and cosy. I am always trying to get better so you do too. ¡Hasta pronto!

Hola, hola, hola a todos,
We’ve got through the first week back and as always, it’s great to see lots of returning students who are excited to learn and lots of new students who want to communicate while in Spain and make an effort to speak the language! There are so many other reasons for wanting to learn and whichever it is, I think it is fantastic. Everybody can do it if they put their mind to it.
I love my job; it is very rewarding to see the student’s progress. If you are prepared to learn, I am prepared to help you improve and become a better Spanish speaker. There are many benefits to learning Spanish, have a look at the poster below which explain only SOME of the many advantages to learning a foreign language.
It is a pleasure to share your company and a delight helping you to learn Spanish.


Hola y buenos días a todos,
This evening an Improvers Course starts for people who have some knowledge of Spanish (60 hours study) and want to go further. As with all my courses I use a mix of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. If you are interested, come along tonight. It would be lovely to see you.
For those who are or who have been on my courses and have enjoyed them please can I ask you to share. It is the best recommendation that I could have for people interested in learning Spanish.
Muchas gracias for your support.

What a fantastic response on the Open Events! Lots of new students and lots of former students carrying on. As you can see some courses are full and others have very few places left.

So if you are interested still time to join. Contact me.

¡Hola, hola, hola a todos! The Open Events will be this Wednesday and Thursday for information and enrolment. I hope to see lots of you there!

¡Hola from Montse!
A note to remind you that this week I hold two Open Events for information and enrolment for the courses starting the 18th. There are many reasons why people join the courses: because they have homes abroad, they go on holidays abroad, their children are married to Spanish speakers, or as a new hobby/interest – lots of research shows how good it is for the brain to learn a language and you can make new friends as well. I always aim to create a pleasant atmosphere in which learning is fun and my style of teaching reflects that. So is If you fancy learning Spanish come along for a chat and I will be happy to answer any questions. Looking forward to meeting you. ¡Hasta pronto!


Muy pocos días para empezar los nuevos cursos.

Here I am on the last two days in Bilbao before catching my flight home. The sun came out and it was lovely wandering the old town streets that have a superb atmosphere. Then walking next to the river with lots of locals and tourists on either side absorbing the vibrancy of this city. Although industrial it has gorgeous buildings, streets, the famous Guggenheim Museum and of course lots more bars and restaurants to try more delicious Pinchos with a Zurito (small beer). It is definitely worth a visit!

Festival en las calles de Santander. 

A street market with a variety of stalls and of course food to suit everybody’s taste.


Hola a todos,
Last week I dcourse at the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo in Santander for the whole week. The course was to keep revising, refreshing and learning new things that can be useful to my courses and my continuous development and interest into the Spanish language. I met some lovely people, we worked together and put into practice some activities to take to our students as you can see from these pictures.


Thank you for those concerned about my family and friends, they are all fine. Thinking about those who have lost their lives and have been injured.
I wish we could ALL live in a peaceful world with respect for other religions, races, genders or anything that makes us different because DIVERSITY is what makes this world so fantastic and unique.

The timetable for the courses starting in September is available now – Beginners to Intermediate level – in Accrington and Clitheroe. The length of the courses are 15 weeks with a follow up course starting in January (£120 – sorry no concessions).  There are two open events for more information and enrolment. If you need any further information don’t hesitate to contact me.
Looking forward to hearing from you. Hasta pronto!
It has been another brilliant year of wonderful students keen to learn Spanish. This year I had just over a 100 people joining my courses. Even Brexit has not affected the interest in learning the language as well as showing the wrong stereotype that English people are lazy when it comes to learning a foreign language. Now I am getting ready for the new September courses – leaflets and adverts are already out. I am looking forward to meeting new students and of course seeing the present students returning for more.
 This is the way to finish the year – on a high!

Definitely if you have fun you learn more which I did in this workshop. This is the result.

On Friday at the Instituto Cervantes for the annual Teaching Conference, Listening to speakers, attending workshops and sharing knowledge with other teachers. I bought some reading books for those who want to practice a bit more. They will be available for the September season.

Hola a todos! What a good weekend it has been. The festival was heaving and had an excellent atmosphere as well as lots of enquiries. ESTUPENDO. Feeling very 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Here are some pictures of the weekend:

MUCHAS, MUCHAS, MUCHAS GRACIAS DE TODO CORAZÓN for the lovely card and words – it really means a lot to me to know that you enjoy the lessons and appreciate what I do. MUCHAS GRACIAS POR MIS REGALOS también. I am very lucky with my students, you are lovely people and make my job more enjoyable.
Have a fantastic summer and see you in September.
Last weekend I went to Rivington and found out a street and an area called Montserrat. That is amazing!. Steven a student sent me this link that explains where the name comes from. Small world!    I love it.


Just off Chorley Old Road, this place takes its name from the Spanish, and means ‘serrated or jagged mountain’. The name used to belong to a row of old cottages, demolished in the 1930’s, and probably named by the builder early in the 19th century influenced by an incident in the Peninsular Wars when a Spanish Monastery called Montserrat was despoiled.

Have a look at my Facebook page “Spanish Fun Courses” where you will find many interesting things related to Spain from videos to recipes and songs to events, all with the aim of helping you to learn Spanish, have a look and you might discover something new. I hope you enjoy!

The new timetable for 2017/2018 is now available.

Here are all the courses from Beginners to Intermediate level. For full details of each course check their specific page. There are two Open Events for you to have a look at the books that are used, read comments from present students and ask me any questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hasta pronto!


It is really nice to get comments like this one. I enjoy my job and I am glad the students can see it.

“Thank you so much for the classes that you delivered – they were really excellent – it is obvious you put a lot of time and thought into preparing them.”

Un articulo muy interesante,
Bilingualism can help to ward off the mental ageing process
It’s long been understand that actively exercising the brain can ward can help people to remain sharper in old age and lessen the effects of senility. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, bilinguals exercise their brains automatically as they switch from one language to another. According to one study, the onset of dementia was delayed by 4 years in bilinguals compared to monolinguals with dementia. (Paradis, J., Genesee, F., & Crago, M. (2011). Dual Language Development and Disorders: A handbook on bilingualism & second language learning.)
You can still learn a language as an adult!

Many people feel they cannot learn a new language when they reach a certain age. Countless studies reveal that while our ability to hear and understand a second language becomes more difficult with age, the adult brain can be retrained to pick up foreign sounds more easily again. According to research by UCL, the difficulties that adults have in learning languages are not biological, but perceptual. Given the right stimuli, then, even adult brains can overcome the habits they have developed to effectively crowd out certain sounds and learn new ones. Moreover, while the effects are not as pronounced as with people that learned a second language from an early age, learning a language in adulthood can stimulate and protect the brain into old age.


This week the improver’s courses did the house topic. They learnt lots of new vocabulary! Here is one of the activities that they did, asking each other for the name of the object and where they can find it in the house. There are lots of opportunities to practice the language and have fun.

Don't ever let a dream fade

Have a look at my Facebook page “Spanish Fun Courses” where you will find many interesting things related to Spain from videos to recipes and songs to events, all with the aim of helping you to learn Spanish, have a look and you might discover something new. I hope you enjoy! 

Cover facebook for Publicity website

What a great week it has been!

It has gone really quickly which is a sign of how good it was. Nice to see everybody back and a few new students as well – welcome to you all. Everybody is ready to learn more and progress further. A new year and new challenges ahead but as always we can do it together.





– New Spanish for Holiday Course –

Planning your holidays to Spain! Would you like to be able to order a drink and a tapa or understand a Spanish menu? This course is aimed at learners wishing to study Spanish at a basic level in order to communicate when on holiday.  Here is the feedback of some students:
“Perfect for beginners. The course is fun, enjoyable and relaxed. Everyone is encouraged. Montse is so patient. I have gained so much confidence to speak Spanish home and abroad. I have met some lovely new friends. We all share, learn and work together.”   
“I enjoyed every lesson. Good teaching style. Never bored. All lessons interesting and fun. Lots of hand outs. Great teacher treats everyone the same. Gained in confidence speaking and understanding. I recommend Spanish, you won’t be disappointed!”


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. Looking forward to hearing from you.

January Courses

These are the follow up courses starting in January. If you are interested in joining one of them come along for a trial session and if you like it join us. The pace of the lessons is very relaxed and friendly. We work with reading, writing and listening skills, and always encourage students with their speaking skills. It is lovely to see how students help and support each other. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information. Looking forward to hearing from you.




Hola a todos, I went to see the ” A Falla For Lancaster” on Friday, the first I have seen live. But I also got the bonus of seeing how they prepared a paella and tasted it too (for free). A couple from Valencia came to the event to cook 4 paellas each one to serve 125 people. I am going to show some videos and photographs that I took on the evening. I had a chat to the lad that prepared the paella and he told me that the Valencian paella has chicken, rabbit and green beans – although this one did not have the rabbit. – and no chorizo at all. I really enjoyed watching him doing it and of course tasting it later.

wp_20161104_013 wp_20161104_006 wp_20161104_016

Half term has arrived! It has gone quickly and it is because we have been doing lots on things. Revising, consolidating, learning new things and speaking to master Spanish – one thing that I encourage students to do from the very beginner’s courses to the higher levels. Also listening will help you lots! Listen and read, then say out loud to practice – every day 10 o 15 minutes. It will improve your pronunciation and your listening skills. Well done for all your work and effort!




A few weeks into the courses and the response has been great. Students start to get to know each other creating a pleasant atmosphere for everybody to relax, work and enjoy the lessons. It is lovely to see how students help each other and everybody contributes with their tips and suggestions on methods and resources that work for them. I find this very useful. Every student is an individual, they work in different ways and that is what I find so fascinating about teaching – no two courses are the same and no two students are at the same level. I am also learning all the time. Each student prefers a different learning style, has a different personality and approach, so I try to adapt to their needs. We make a good team and work through together. Thank you to you all and keep up the good work.



¿Qué tal el lunes? Yo bien, una clase esta mañana, una esta tarde y otra esta noche. Los lunes enseño mucho españoles-un-dia-despues-del-domingo


I hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We have started another month “octubre” with the “otoño” in full swing. Enjoy your week!







For those of you who have done the Spanish pronunciation for the first time this week ( za, ce, ja, lla, ña, etc.) and for the rest who keep trying their best with it, here it is an interesting English poem with all the various sounds that the language has. So if you have mastered them and you speak all of them, I am sure you can do the same with the Spanish sounds. So keep practicing and you will master them too. I know you can do it!

A new Improvers Course is starting in Clitheroe. I am so pleased that so many people want to learn Spanish. I definitely don’t think that English people are lazy and they don’t want to learn a new language. Thank you to you all for wanting to learn Spanish. MUCHAS GRACIAS.

Keep Calm and study Spanish

What a week!
Preparing for the enrolments/open events and answering the enquiries I had, but it has been worth while. Really happy on how many people want to learn Spanish and they are all looking forward to it. Also how many returning students that want to get better and better all the time. As always I am going to do my best to take you forward.
There are still places available on some courses, contact me if you would like to join one. Looking forward to seeing you all this week.


Today is the day. Come along to find out about the courses that I run, read my student’s feedback, have a look at the books used in the courses, or to ask me any questions. We can discuss any concerns you might have about joining the course.  I feel it should be more like a group of friends getting together to learn Spanish and have a good time. That is my aim that you learn Spanish and enjoy it at the same time.  I hope to see you on one of my open events.
Hasta pronto!


Hola a todos,

I hope you all had a great summer. I had a superb holiday in the south of France with my two favourite boys. I practiced my French and repeated lots of times “I only speak a bit”, but I was pleasantly surprised how much I understood and remembered. It reminded me of the examples that you give to me while you are in Spain trying to speak the language. The reward of being understood and the appreciation from the French people made it worth while.
Now back to Spanish. Ready for another year of new and returning students, problems and challenges, and above all the enjoyment of seeing your progress. Getting things ready for the new courses starting very soon, looking for new resources and finding ways to improve my teaching skills to offer you the best I can.
So if you are ready I am too. Let´s have another great year.

Looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

I am back

Back Leaflet Courses 2016-2017


These are a few moments of this year’s courses. One of the reasons why I love my job is because the lovely people I meet. From young to mature students they are all keen to learn and do their best. They help each other and work together to progress at the same time. They learn and have a laugh as well, because you need to have fun and enjoy while learning. I learn at the same time. You clever people keep me on my toes and motivate me to keep doing my job the best that I can. So enjoy your summer break and I am looking forward to seeing you all in September. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL.

WP_20160725_005 Clitheroe GOOD One


The class finished last Thursday with some food brought by everybody to celebrate the end of the course. Sorry that everybody wasn’t there (we missed you) but we had a good time revising all topics covered in the course. MUCHAS GRACIAS for your lovely comments, I do appreciated them and I am so glad that you have enjoyed it and that you will be back next September. In the meantime have a great summer and KEEP REVISING!

Beginners June 16 Group

Another fantastic Beginners Course has finished this week. A group of students who have done really well and made good friends too. Here is a  comment from one student “The games are fantastic with so many different resources. I’ve made some lovely friends and really look forward to the class. I enjoy the group work and the listening exercises. The Christmas lesson was very interesting. I love learning about the Spanish culture”. Thank you for your feedback, I really enjoy my job and it is good to be appreciated. Have a great summer, keep practicing and see you in September. 

Good one


The level is for people who have a good knowledge of Spanish.  In each lesson there will be a period for students to build confidence in their speaking skills. There will also be a grammar topic and written exercises with various other activities. As always my aim is to make each lesson enjoyable, encouraging students to work together, creating a pleasant atmosphere where learning is fun. If you are interested let me know.

8 week course JUNE 2016


Today is Montserrat day in Catalonia – 27th of April – and this is what my sister sent me, to wish me Happy Montserrat day. I love my name!

Felicidades de Montserrat con pan

Keep Calm and study Spanish

Hola a todos,
First week back after the Eater Holiday and it has gone really quickly.
As always after a break students need a bit of time to switch on to Spanish again. I know how important it is to revise every day even if it is only 10 or 15 minutes. I know we all have busy lives but finding that moment would make a big difference; maybe in the morning while you getting ready – listen to some CDs or radio, or at lunch time, while your do some housework, or book that time simply because you want to improve your Spanish. You will be benefit from doing it.

Studying each day is more effective

Hola a todos! I hope you all had a good Easter break.
I went to visit my family and practiced my Spanish. I noticed when I was there that when people said things that were incorrect or I asked them the same questions that you all ask me and sometimes they couldn’t give me an answer. I came to the conclusion that when we learn a language in a classroom it is quite different from what local people use in their everyday lives. Neither of them are incorrect. It made me realise that a language is more than communication – it is being able to understand the ins and outs, the expressions, the colloquialisms even the use of grammar. I think it is fascinating although it doesn’t make it easy for you (or me). I wanted to share my thoughts with you and say that if you are able to communicate even in a limited way that this is the first step forward. Let the rest come as you progress and don’t try to understand everything. I am still learning myself after years living in England so if you feel that you are improving steadily then that is the right way to go. I will try as always to help you but I won’t have all the answers.

Hasta la próxima semana.


A quick note to all my students to say WELL DONE for trying your best this term. Sometimes it is not easy and takes time to understand that topic or that grammar point. It is a sign that you are progressing and going further with your Spanish. “It is amazing what you can do when you try”, so keep up the good work! Have a fantastic Easter and see you soon.

Hard work dreams dedication

Hola and welcome to my new students on the Thursday Beginners Course that started this week. Another lovely group that did really well on their first session. Everybody joined in with the activities and the feedback at the end of the lesson was positive. Still places available for anyone who want to join us!

Great work and well done



Why should I Learn Spanish?

If you speak Spanish you can communicate with almost 500 million people worldwide. Imagine how many friends you could make!  And if you are traveling in Latin America or Spain, a little knowledge of Spanish will go a long way. And of course, if you are planning to retire or relocate in a Spanish speaking country, Spanish is a must in order to get the most out of your new life.

The wonderful thing about learning Spanish is that it is never too late. Whether you come out here as a teenager, as a young professional, as a parent or as a retired person… you can learn Spanish.

More importantly the natives love people who are attempting to learn their language, and it does not matter how silly you feel trying to speak, because all Spanish speaking people will help and encourage you in whatever way they can.

Learning Spanish is an incredibly fulfilling experience. Once you start to get a grip of the language you begin to appreciate its beauty and its roots and discover that many of the words are indeed similar to your own language.

Many of us have memories of learning languages at school. The fact is that methods have changed enormously. These days, learning a language can be a lively and upbeat experience. It is the sort of language that you immediately start to see results with.



Hola from Montse and welcome to SPANISH FUN COURSES. I am looking forward to sharing your company  and helping you to learn Spanish. Hasta pronto.

Timetable January 2016 ANUNCIOS


No matter how many mistakes still trying


Hola a todos y Feliz Año Nuevo!
Ready to start again and see you all. I hope you all had a great Christmas and recharged your batteries. We are going to learn new things, keep revising and trying our best to improve all the time for all my courses and levels. You teach me a lot too and set me new challenges, which I try to respond to. So let’s go to work together and as always have fun. Hasta pronto!

No fue facil pero lo logre



Tarjeta arbol 2016
think in another language
costo un ojo de la cara
Learning another language Flora Lewis
The first week for some of my courses! Nice to see back my existing students, and lovely to hear that they are pleased to be back and looking forward to learning more Spanish during this coming course.
Also so nice to see many new students joining the courses. Paul Pickles who joined the Intermediate course sent me this e mail afterwards “Hola Montse, it was nice to meet you and the group, a very welcoming experience. I look forward to improving my Spanish skills with you over the coming months.”
I love my students, every time someone joins a class – they always make that person welcome. Thank you for that.
Welcome everybody to SPANISH FUN COURSES and I am looking forward to sharing your company, answering your questions and helping you to improve your Spanish.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everybody who came yesterday to the open event at Accrington. Courses are filling up but still a few places available for anyone who wants to learn Spanish, a new hobby or make new friends. I would love to hear from you!

Keep calm and muchas gracias open event

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everybody who came on Monday to the open event at Clitheroe. I met nice people and a few joined the courses. Still places available for anyone who wants to learn Spanish, a new hobby or make new friends. I would love to hear from you!

Clitheroe Event 2015


Hola a todos. Another exciting year ahead!

I always look for new methods and resources to improve my teaching.  I wish I had more time because there are so many things to look at and try. As always I will do my best in making the lessons enjoyable and fun as well as learning at the same time.

What is your challenge for this year?

What is your challenge this year


Hola a todos,

Another year has gone! I just want to say a big “WELL DONE” to everyone for trying your best to improve your Spanish. I know sometimes it might not feel like you are getting better but I can see it. Everybody has a different strength; listening, reading, written or speaking, so keep working on the others and you will get there. Remember to keep practicing! Have a great summer and I am looking forward to seeing you all in September.
Buen trabajo bien hecho

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