About me

I was named after the beautiful mountain of Montserrat in Barcelona where I  am originally from.
I came to England in 1995 to study English. In the meantime I met a wonderful English man who I married. I think England is a fantastic country with beautiful scenery and lovely people. I love to spend time with my family and when we can we like to travel in Great Britain or abroad. I really enjoy to discover new  places, cultures and traditions.


Montserrat montana 2
Let me tell you about my courses.
I started teaching Spanish  on a one to one basis. I enjoyed it  so much that I gained a teaching qualification and it became my job.
I am a Spanish teacher who loves her job. One of the reasons is because of the lovely people I meet. From young to mature students (up to 80 years old) they are all keen to learn and do their best. They help each other and work together to progress at the same time. They learn and have a laugh as well, because you need to have fun and enjoy while learning.
People learn a language for different reasons: some because their children have married Spanish or South American natives, some because they go on holidays to these places, some because they are planning to retire there and some just to learn a new hobby and make friends. There have been lots of studies that have proved the benefits of learning a language by keeping the brain active and working.
There are lots of good reasons to join one of the  courses. From the Beginners Course, with its basic introduction to the Spanish language that helps students to communicate with native speakers, and then onto the follow – up courses for those who want to improve their skills. 
I believe that in order to learn, people have to be relaxed, in a happy and friendly atmosphere. This is my aim from my very first session. I know each person learns at a different pace but I do encourage all students to support each other and work as a team. That way everybody works together towards the same goals. 
I use a variety of activities such as visual presentations, listening exercises, role play, watching videos, reading and writing exercises and working all the skills that a person needs to learn a language. I also use a variety of games including bingo so you can learn the numbers, quizzes to revise topics and the odd one out to recognise vocabulary to mention a few. I give plenty of opportunities for learners to speak the language as I believe this is the best way for them to gain confidence and progress quickly.
I also teach Spanish culture and traditions because I believe that is all part of learning a language.  I  really enjoy my job. I am always looking for new ways to improve my lessons through resources, knowledge and activities.  I find this job very rewarding as I can see how students progress and the feedback has always been positive. See students comments section.
I end with a quote from Floral Lewis:
Learning another language  is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.”


I am looking forward to sharing your company
and helping you to learn Spanish.